The Kenilworth Preservation Group (KPG) was formed as a grass roots organization with the goal of preserving the Kenilworth Trail. With the pending LRT and co-location of freight rail threatening to destroy one of the cities most beautiful & precious resources, we need your help.

The KPG questions the validity of the studies done to properly assess the impact of the LRT, specifically on the Kenilworth Corridor. This corridor is a precious resource not only to the city of Minneapolis, but to all those that use it.  People come from all over the state to take advantage of the trails, lakes, beaches and overall parkland.  While KPG is not questioning the importance of light rail, it does question the location of this specific one and believes there are viable and better alternatives that have been passed up for financial & political reasons. Minneapolis has long been a model for cities looking to develop, preserve and protect green space in the urban setting.  It is therefore, hard to understand how the city would agree to a plan to build a light rail corridor through one of the most peaceful environments already developed for bikers and walkers and bisecting two of the city’s jewels (Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake).

However, having done so, it is important that particular attention be paid to the ramifications to the environment, wildlife, and visual aesthetics of the project.  We are especially concerned about the impact of noise and vibration, not only to the neighborhoods, but also to the wildlife, which inhabit and add to the experience of this urban oasis.  The issue of safety is paramount.  How will the safety of walkers, bikers, children and pets be protected as the train’s whiz through the neighborhoods?

We are proposing to those in charge to consider TUNNELING as not only a viable option but as a solution to preserve this natural resource.


Please pass this page on to all your friends and family as future generations will lose this great natural resource if we do not act NOW!!

Finally, what price tag do we put on destroying this land? What is the “cost” for the destruction of this natural and god given resource that is used by millions of people each year? It is to the city of Minneapolis what Central Park is to New York – and it deserves to be recognized for the part it plays in the City of Lakes. Let us not be the generation that is known for destroying it.

“Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do.”  Wendell Berry

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